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    October 30, 2013
    11:00 - 11:31pm PDT  

are ending soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . >> now at 11:00 this is the jury for attempted murder for stealing top chef's lamborghini. the teenager tried to shoot a rom romantic rival is in jail.
>> reporter: max looked at his parents frequently. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: he fired shots into a pick up truck in 2012. he was gunning for walstrom. >> i think he was quiet and took the verdict okay. he is aware of the consequences. >> reporter: he was in possession of stolen property,
the lamborghini belonging to guy fieri. his infatuation was in his head. >> i love you baby. >> reporter: convicted as an adult, the fact he was a minor in the crimes were committed moves the case to the next step. >> the age and lack of maturity. >> reporter: sentencing is scheduled for november 18th. he faces live in prison without
parole. a dozen patients were inside without care. more from alamed county. >> we want to find elder abuse. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is talking about the situation from this assisted living facility. they were told they wouldn't be paid. many stopped working. it was closed by the state but patients didn't leave. 13 of them were here saturday. the fire department realized the facility was closed days before. >> if you walked in a facility like that you would see it was unkempt. people were soiled. >> reporter: he is talking
about the two employees that stuck around to care for the patients free of charge. >> i couldn't see myself leaving the residents there. i couldn't do that. owners were in the process of finding the patients homes. >> where were they before taking care of these people? >> reporter: people who couldn't find i themselves snr. >> they are not in great mental capacity. >> reporter: one man has left the facility and hasn't been seen in 5 days. as for criminal charges, that has yet to be determined.
49ers aldon smith was illegally possessioning a weapon. he will be arraigned on dui charges and drove into a tree. a delta flight had to make an emergency landing. the flight was 12 hours late. they are all back okay. did you talk too any of them? >> reporter: yes i did.
the plane landed. everyone cleared customs. friends and family were waiting to pick them up. the crowd was gathered at the international terminal. steve and his family were waiting for a new addition to the family to arrive. >> my daughter adopted a little girl from an orphanage from tokyo. we didn't know anything until we got here that the plane was diverted. >> reporter: the waiting game was too much to bear, but then the family was together.
joy for the new baby in the family. >> then a bunch of flights coming home. i thought maybe they were checking the landing gear. figured they were descending slowly. it didn't feel dangerous. then they were turning north toward alaska. we are safe. >> she is a trooper. it was 8 hours to alaska and 6 hours sitting on the ground. >> reporter: welcome to your new home, ellie mae. another chilly night. it is 45 in half moon bay.
48 in napa. we have widespread 40s. summer we have sunny skies. we have the trick or treating forecast and changes this weekend. cool and windy weather on the way. why san francisco police say officers were forced to shoot a man this weekend. earthquake warning systems. police in san rafael are on the hunt for a bank robber.
. >> san rafael police are looking for a bank robber that may be responsible for a series
of robberies. he walked into a wells fargo demanding cash. this is a series of hold ups that began in december. he is in his 50s and often strikes on wednesdays. it could change lives if it works, earthquake warnings closer to reality. why officers shot a man in the marina district. coming up later the golden state warriors canthey live up to the hype? we crown a new winner in baseball.
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. >> police say the man shot by officers in the marina district answered a craig's list ad. >> reporter: the suspect in the officer involved shooting will be in court for his
arraignment. there was a town hall meeting held here. >> administrationive leave. >> reporter: this was a craig's list set up and the 19-year-old tried to steal two iphones. he beat the victim with a gun that fired blanks. he hid in bushes and wouldn't get out of the bushes and the police fired 4 shots. the suspect is in stable condition in the hospital. we learned the suspect is awaiting trial for a similar crime where he tried to steal iphones. they were reassuring the crowd that the marina district is a
safe neighborhood. parents and students raised money for a commuter lab that has been stolen. they stole 60 laptops and ipads worth about $72,000. it will be a struggle to get it back. >> not having the equipment to make those small groups happen and meet the needs of kids, not just for the here and now making sure they have computer skills and get the best education. >> they will have to launch another fund-raiser. an earthquake warning
system is one step closer to becoming reality. . >> beep, beep, beep, earthquake, shaking expected in 20 seconds. >> reporter: the warning system is in limits use in the bay area. new legislation would make it available across california. >> it is a prediction system but can give you 15, 30, 60 seconds of warning before violent shaking. >> reporter: enough time for bart to or stop trains or firefighters to open garage doors. >> we want to communication
information faster than the earthquake waves travel. so a fire station or a school over a house, we want to give them information so they can take action. >> reporter: it will save lives vi a cell phone. >> imagine what it means for a surgeon or a crane operator or someone in a tunnel. >> reporter: the cost would be $80 million. the legislation doesn't say where the money will come from only that they have until january 1st, 2016 to find the
funding. >> reporter: it was a nice afternoon. the upper 60s through the south bay. another chilly night, but it will be warmer tomorrow afternoon. calm winds and chilly conditions tomorrow morning. 30s in santa rosa. 43 in fremont. 70s for much of the south bay. 73 in campbell. also 70s for the inland valley, walnut creek, and vallejo. 65 in downtown san francisco. napa low 70s. here is the extended forecast.
as we head into the weekend changes will see a storm passes to the north. we will see cooler temperatures and the winds pick up saturday and sunday. as for tomorrow, it is not bad at all especially from 5:00 to 6:00. by the 7:00 or 8:00 hour it will cool down to mid-50s. the warriors live up to the hype. boston parties like it is 1918. i love watching tv outside.
and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know?
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. >> boston no contest. they have their first world title at home since 1918. babe ruth was a member of that team. victorino off the green monster. bases no longer. johnny gomes, that was it. here is the final call as the
red sox get ready to party. they won 6-1. >> it hasn't happened in 95 years. the red sox are champions. >> david ortiz hit .688. he is headed to the hall of fame. the champion red sox. >> as soon as we went to fort meyers the movie has been written. all we had to do was press play. hey, we are world champs. can't believe it. [ cheering and applause ] there they go on to the streets of boston. the word is pretty sweet at
this hour. no serious damage done to property. no graffiti. there are reports the fans are high fiving the police. we dedicate this game to katherine on her birthday. >> i didn't even know you knew. >> kron was going to buy you a cake, but it's not in the budget. curry introduced kobe bryant. he will be out for a while. he may really take his time. clay thompson went nuts, 38 points. the warriors were all over the lakers.
the home opener, that was cool. the best player doesn't have to force anything. david lee 125. just show me the sharks as we produce on the fly sharks against the kings. still the sharkies took this to overtime and will get a point. the red light is turned on. the kings win 4-3. nothing better to celebrate your birthday telling people how to
stay connected to us. >> facebook, >> no cake?
kidnapping exclusive. >> i will kill they are. that's your fine -- kill her, that's your final warning. >> the woman abducted by her job by her crazy ex-boyfriend. >> i was thinking it's over with my life. it's over. then the three sisters at the facelift murder trial. >> he said well girls you know i don't know thousand tell you this -- how to tell you this but your mom is dead. and woman under seek. >> who is in charge? >> madame secretary? >> how much ridicule can she take? plus kanye's done it again. he says kim kardashian's more influential than the first lady. [ laughter ] then -- boy and the pope.